We manufacture a wide variety of adhesives and associated products. Our range of PVA wood adhesives performs to the highest standard of heat resistance and our specialised premium adhesive/sealant
Walkers The Builders Merchant
Call Walkers the best heavyside builders, because we are here to build, build, build on your dreams! Our builders merchant company is based in the South East, where in Kent you can find our amazing
County Construction Chemicals
Are you in a hurry, but still looking for highest quality building products, materials and accessories? For sure, we can help you! Visit County Construction Chemicals and find what you need – mastic
E T Clay Products
E T Clay Products Company continues to expand and improve, staring from 1994, when the company is established as a small, local, family-run business up to this date, when our company is independent, a
South London Timber
For more than two decades, we are an established as international, non-profit and multi-stakeholder organisation and our main mission is promoting sustainable, conscious and reasonable management of
Lazdan Builders Merchants
We are your reliable and experienced distributor of building materials, accessories and tools in the South East and London area. We offer the best and most competitive prices on the market. We provide
Condell is your best solution. We are an independent, experienced and reliable trader and supplier of builder’s merchant and timber products and materials for domestic and commercial clients in the
Carlton Building Plastics
Welcome to the Carlton world, where you can find the widest and most satisfying range of highest quality builder merchant’s products, materials, tools and accessories from leading brands and
Kingsbury Builders Merchants
Within the construction industry and branch, we at Kingbury Builders Merchants are known as reliable, trustworthy and respectful company with great experience worth of almost half a century and even
W.Hanson (Iron Bridge)
For more than half a century we are serving both the trade and the general public sector by delivering first class quality products, materials, accessories and services for your building project in
A wide and impressive variety of first class quality builder products, accessories and materials that is supported by a fast, comfortable and prime delivery service is what you can expect from Fayers.
We can truly be called a leading distributor and supplier of quality and sustainable timber and building materials and products. With more than 600 branches across the UK and the first Jewson branch
Deal Hut
We have and offer everything you need for your small DIY or big and heavy-duty building project. Just to name a few, although our range of highest quality products and materials from top brands is
Builder Depot
We pride ourselves in offering to our domestic and commercial clients a depth range and the best selection of highest quality building products, materials and accessories you can find in one of our
Acton Green
Do you know why Acton Green is amongst the highly preferred building products and materials supplier in the area? It is because we are reliable, helpful and experienced, because we offer an amazing
S & D Timber Merchants
We can make sure that you will find everything you need for your building and home improvement project. After a thorough research and precise selection, we can offer the best range of building
Hitchcock & King Streatham
For more than four decades we at Hitchcock & King Streatham are providing clients and customers with amazing quality timber and building materials, accessories, tools and products. Operating in the
Alsford Timber Welling
We are the largest timber merchant in the South East area and for sure the most reliable, experienced and knowledgeable one, because we are around from 1882! Now this is an expertise everyone can
P G R Timber
We are a family-owned and independently-run builders, plumbers and timber merchants that is in the branch and works in the field for more than three decades already. During this period we have managed
Ocean Builders Supplies
Making sure and providing you with the peace of mind you have and get quick, easy and on affordable price everything you need for a building project is our main goal here at Ocean Builders Suppliers.
Nicholls & Clarke
We are dedicated and committed to success. Our business is offering to residential and commercial clients manufacturing, distribution and retailing of the highest quality and finest building
Crossways Builders Yard
We are here to serve and fulfill your trade and DIY building and landscaping requirements, needs and desires. Big or small, challenging or simple, DIY or not, we will supply you with all the
Sheen Lane Builders Merchants
We are among the leading and most reliable suppliers of premier and highest quality building materials, products, tools and accessories as well as landscaping materials, hardware and drainage in
Chas Tapp
Over 200 years of experience sit behind the back of Chas Tapp company and we can, for sure, be called real pioneers with a highly professional working approach and approach to our clients and
MGN Builders Merchants
At the beginning it was one great idea, a lot of hard work and desire for improvement and finally – the great goal for being helpful for all people and providing them with high quality of affordable
C & S Builders Merchants
Do you want to find out which is the largest independent building materials distributor and supplier in East and North London? Well, you have just found it – it is us from C & S Builders Merchants.
Allmat Building Products
Allmat Building Products is an independent, local supplier of building products, materials, accessories and more that is based in Kenley, Surrey. The high level of the trading service we offer and
E.D Elson
As an independent and family-owned and operated building merchants with a great experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding for all needs and requirements of the clients, we at E.D Elson
London Reclaim Brick Merchants
You do not need to look any further than London Reclaim Brick Merchants, is you are looking for reclaimed bricks for your building project. Reclaimed bricks are a great option to save up some money
Busy Bee Builders Merchants
What we do and what we strive to improve at here, at Busy Bee, is providing our clients with the best building materials and products solutions and opportunities, but without breaking the bank and
Alloway Timber
Established almost half a century ago, we are a leading distributor and supplier of quality timber products on competitive prices in the area, servicing local businesses and residents with a lot of
Naybur Bros
Our company started as a small, local and family-run one that is driven forward mainly and entirely by our clients and their individual requirements and needs being always on first place, at the top
Burnt Oak
Our independent, family-run builder and plumber merchants business is established in 1995 and although we are a relatively young company, we have already managed to accumulate all the skills,
Travis Perkins Trading
We are your ultimate and UK largest building merchant that is on the UK building and construction market as a reliable supplier of high quality building products and materials for over two centuries.
J. B. Jessop
We carry small and heavy stocks of most building and plumbing materials our commercial and residential clients and customers order. We pride ourselves with professional and helpful service as well as
Harrow Glass
More than 30 years ago, Harrow Glass & Building Supplies was established as an independent company that provides clients with reliable and quality service and this is our working policy nowadays too.
Metro Timber
We are a relatively new company in the building and construction trade and market branch, we are for sure quickly growing into a reliable company with excellent service, attention to details,
Procter A E
We are an independent building merchant that provides clients and customers in Surrey, West London and surrounding areas with high quality building materials and supplies. We deliver daily and strive
Eurocell Building Plastics
Eurocell Building Plastics is a local building supplier and manufacturer of high quality UPVC building products on very affordable prices. We have a long-standing reputation of a trustworthy supplier
Grant & Stone
The name Grand & Stone is a symbol of quality of service, professionalism, hard work and dedication since the first day we opened doors in 1987. With so much experience behind our back and so much
Lords Builders Merchants
We pride ourselves with quick, comfortable and professional service. Having a lot of experience and knowledge on our side, we are surely delivering very high level of quality and professionalism with
Wimbledon Builders Merchants
The core values of our company are friendly and helpful customer service, professionalism and reliability. We at Wimbledon Builders Merchants are your best solution and source of durable, quality and
Abbeygate Builders Merchants
Established in 1992, Abbeygate Builders Merchants are your reliable, traditional timber and builders merchant with our main mission to provide our clients with a personalized and professional service.
We are a leading supplier of facing bricks, blocks, rainscreen cladding systems, roofing tiles and slates and a lot more quality products and materials to the construction and building sector and
W I Chambers
We are an independent, family-run building merchants business that is based in Ilford, Essex. Since 1996 we are specialists in the supply and distribution of timber and boards for both the public and
Builders Chester
Builders Chester are a building company in Chester who specialise in house extensions, home extensions, building extensions and loft conversion. Builders Chester are passionate about the work that we
Fulham Timber Merchants
In 1984, Fulham Timber Merchants is established as a timber and building merchant and a few years later we have opened our FTM Tool and Plant hire in Brixton, followed by our next showrooms in South
Orpington Timber & Building Supplies
Oprington Timber & Building is your local supplier of quality building and timber materials and products for your construction project requirements. One of our biggest strengths lies in our amazing
Putney Builders Merchants
From Purtney Builders Merchants you can expect outstanding customer service, amazing choice of quality building products, keen prices, expert advice and our long-term relationships with our clients
Bromley Timber & Builders Merchant
At Bromley Timber & Builders Merchants is a team of specialists with a great wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated for the many years we serve the public and industrial sector in the area. We
Acrelane Builders Merchants
We at Acreline Builders Merchants have been supplying the trade with high quality, “heavyside” building and construction materials and products for the past few decades and we can definitely say
Crescent Building Supplies
To both trade and retail clients and customers, we are offering a really impressive range of building and construction products. In our collection of products you can find everything you need for a
Grant Haze London
Your requirements and needs are our job! No project is too small, too big or too challenging for us, since we are experienced specialists in the building merchant business and we can help you,
Wood Green Timber
We are your best solution, whenever you are looking for quality timber and building products and materials for your small or big project. When it comes to such things, we know and understand why our
Bexley Sand & Ballast
We are real professionals and we believe that we can offer a real high quality of products and materials. We have our own plant outside, which help us create our own products. Because of that we can
Thames Building Supplies
When staring a building and construction project, we all have one requirements in common, no matter if it comes to DIY enthusiast, to someone that works with a contractor to finish a project, or to a
Lewis & Co (Streatham)
We offer exactly what you need for a smooth-running building project that results in what you have imagined exactly, because we offer high quality bricks, blocks, timber and natural stone, or
Park Royal Timbers
We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable building and timber merchant specialists that are on hand to provide you with professional and helpful advice and recommendations, so you are confident
Azads Timber & Builder Merchants
For the many years we are in the timber and builder merchant business, we are focusing on excellent service for our clients and along with building materials and products we are also focused on
Construction Materials
Construction Materials (CML) has been an independent supplier of ground cover materials to the sports and leisure industry for a number of years, maintaining an excellent reputation for offering a
CNC Building Supplies
We are an Independent Family Run Builders Merchants that has been trading and serving the local community for over 30 years. The business started off in a small yard in East London in the 1980’s.