Crossways Builders Yard

The building yeard has been in our family since 1932, owned then by my grandfather. My father then purchased the site in 1948. My sister and late brother recieved the yard in 1968. Crossways Builders Yard (CBY) was established in 1978 and was at 1st a reclaimation yard.

During 1932 - 1968 there was a riding stables here, it was jointly run by my cousin Jonny. Various other businesses have been here, at the far end of the yard adjacent to Poverest Road was a lodging house. This was run by my grandfather and then my mother. The occupants were of various types, aboyut 50% were Irishmen, these were 'Navvie'. Crossways Builders yard is still a family business and is now run by my-self and my youngest son Chris.